Stone Products

Bring natural beauty into your home with a variety of natural stone flooring products from Lombardo’s.  For Marble, Travertine, Mosaics, Pebbles and more, visit us today!


Marble is one of nature’s beauties!  Marble is a natural stone quarried from mountain ranges all over the world.  It’s been the material of choice for designers, architects, and artists for centuries.  Marble is available in a number of different finishes, sizes, and colors.  Since it’s a natural stone, no two pieces are identical.  Marble adds elegance and sophistication to any area.  With the proper installation and maintenance, you can add the beauty of nature to your home for life!


Travertine is a natural stone product that has just as much beauty as marble.  However travertine is more porous than marble, and not as dense.  It is available in many finishes including honed, filled, brushed, chiseled edge, and polished. A popular installation of travertine is in a pattern such as the French or Versaille patterns. Travertine is great for indoor and outdoor areas such as pool decks and patios.


A mosaic is any smaller sized pieces mounted on a mesh.  These come in a wide variety of styles and material. We have mosaics in tiles, glass, marbles, travertines, and pebbles. Just a few of the styles offered are square mosaics, bridge mosaics, basket weaves, random bricks, mini-mosaics, medallions, glass blocks and much more. Because they are mesh mounted, they become very versatile.  They are great for radius, or can be separated to create inserts, or continuous borders.  This is a great way to compliment any bathroom, kitchen backsplash, or accent any area. The availability of many colors and textures makes it easy to coordinate with any room.


Pebbles and stones give a natural look to any area. Great for use in indoor, outdoor, or wet areas. Pebbles are offered in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. There are flat stones, shaved pebbles, interlocking pebbles, border and deco pieces, medallions, sea glass and stone blends, and 4×4 solids. They can be used for residential and commercial applications.