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Featured Brands Include Mohawk & Bliss by Beaulieu

Research and technology have impacted the carpet industry.  For example, take a look at Mohawks newest product called Smart Strand.  Smart Strand is a fiber created by Dupont and Mohawk taking stain resistance to a new level.  This fantastic fiber has the built in stain resistance all the way through the fiber as opposed to previous topical or sprayed on applications.  The only carpet fiber that has stain and soil resistance that can never wear off.    Mohawk offers Lifetime Stain and Soil resistance warranties on these Smart Strand Products.  It’s easy to clean with just plain water, no chemicals needed.

Do you have pets?  Check out our new line of Bliss Magic Fresh carpets by Beaulieu.  Specially formulated to dissipate household odors of any kind.  It’s a great product to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Mohawk Beaulieu Bliss Magic Fresh Carpet