4 Simple Steps to Selecting Countertops


1. Start with your cabinets. 2. Look closely at wood tones. 3. Consider the balance of materials. 4. Find the color that’s best for you. 1. Start with your cabinets. Are you choosing new cabinets or matching existing ones?   In both cases, cabinets are often the dominant element in many rooms, especially if you’re selecting colors for a kitchen with above-the-counter [...]

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Two Points of Fabrication


Founded in 1971, Lombardo's Cabinetry, Flooring and Countertops produces high-end residential custom cabinets, flooring and countertops. Lombardo's impressive growth is attributed to a talented team and commitment to having the best in technology. "Most of our people have been with the company since the beginning, and they bring decades of skill and craftsmanship to the table," Jeff Scott, co-owner of [...]

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13 Types of Kitchen Countertops


The kitchen is one area in your home that you can guarantee will get foot traffic. It’s the ideal place to enjoy tasty meals with the family and entertain guests. It only would make sense that you’d want one of the most central rooms in your home looking sharp and clean at all times. If you use Maid2Match exit clean [...]

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